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Why Escalon

Escalon tomatoes perform well in the kitchen and taste noticeably fresher than other brands due to quality measures at every step of cultivation and processing.

Why Escalon Map
The fertile soil and mild climate of the San Joaquin Valley provide excellent growing conditions and allow our tomatoes to grow from planting in late winter to harvest in early summer.

In the field

Each season, our tomato crop begins with seed varieties that have been carefully cultivated by our research team to provide the best balance of flavor, aroma, and color. Many of the growers who plant these seeds were handpicked by Cristoforo Colombo more than 50 years ago.

bountiful fields
Tour our bountiful fields and learn about our farmers' passion to produce the highest-quality product through careful cultivation.

During harvest,

our trained quality assurance staff inspects each load and provides a detailed report card for each load of incoming tomatoes.

Why Escalon Sorting
Using only the best tomatoes, we perfectly blend them like fine wine to create the desired balance—a finished product with ultimate flavor, aroma, and color characteristics.

In the plant

Experienced hand sorters supplement electronic sorters to remove tomatoes that don’t meet our exacting standards. All of our peeled products are naturally steam peeled with water instead of lye, protecting the environment and their flavor.

Why Conveyor
See for yourself how Escalon uses a gentler processing method that preserves and protects the tomato’s vine-ripened flavor.

Minimal processing heat and cooking time

means we capture more of each tomato’s fresh flavor and color. And unlike some other processors, we never add bitter citric acid to lower our tomatoes’ pH simply to run our lines faster. We focus on quality, not quantity, to ensure the flavor stays true and delicious.

Whisk Tomatosauce
Take a closer look at our plant and listen to our corporate chef explain Escalon’s devotion to pure, natural taste.
Within hours of harvest, our tomatoes are packed and ready to ship to your shelf.
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