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Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes image

Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes

Bonta® Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes have a fresh, naturally sweet tomato flavor and deep red tomato color. The product is made from crushed tomatoes, evaporated to an ideal thickness and consistency to use as a base for pizza sauces, pasta sauce, soups and other tomato-based recipes.
Fancy Tomato Paste image

Fancy Tomato Paste

Bontá® Fancy Tomato Paste is made with only vine-ripened, fresh California tomatoes – nothing else is added. Our proprietary process and passionate attention to detail will be evident with Bontá® Tomato Paste’s superior color and flavor.
Pizza Sauce with Basil image

Pizza Sauce with Basil

An authentic Italian Pizza Sauce, made from vine-ripened, fresh tomatoes. Its rich consistency and flavorful tomato taste are a result of Escalon’s proprietary process of using more natural tomato solids with less skin and fewer seeds. The hint of basil and trace of salt are the only other added ingredients, providing a truly classic Italian flavor profile.
Extra Heavy Tomato Purée 1.09 image

Extra Heavy Tomato Purée 1.09

Bontá® Extra Heavy Tomato Purée contains high tomato solids, which results in a wonderfully sweet flavor. The finest vine-ripened, California-grown tomatoes are pressed through a very fine screen to create the distinctively smooth appearance. Bontá® Purée contains only vine-ripened tomatoes and a pinch of salt.
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