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Diced Tomatoes in Juice image

Diced Tomatoes in Juice

Bella Rossa® Diced Tomatoes are another convenient form of peeled, vine-ripened fresh tomatoes from Escalon. Diced fresh and packed in their own juice to maintain true tomato flavor, this multi-purpose product is perfect for specialty soups and salsas.
Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes image

Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes

Similar to our Bontá® variety but concentrated to a lighter consistency with fewer tomato solids.
Tomato Sauce image

Tomato Sauce

A light-consistency starter sauce with signature spicing.
Prime Tomato Strips in Juice image

Prime Tomato Strips in Juice

Bella Rossa® Prime Strips are crafted from vine-ripened fresh tomatoes that are packed immediately after harvest to protect firmness and color. These great-tasting, time-saving tomato strips feature a higher drained weight than whole peeled tomatoes.
Whole Peeled Pear Tomatoes in Juice image

Whole Peeled Pear Tomatoes in Juice

Bella Rossa® Whole Peeled Pear Tomatoes are perfectly ripened, gently steam peeled and then packed in their own juice. The result is a superior, sweet-tasting tomato with true versatility. A minimal amount of calcium chloride is added to this product to provide a firmer tomato.
Pizza Sauce with Basil image

Pizza Sauce with Basil

Bella Rossa® Pizza Sauce with Basil offers our famous sweet tomato flavor and vivid red tomato color with just a hint of basil, providing a versatile base for you to customize with your favorite combination of herbs and spices.
Extra Heavy Tomato Purée 1.07 image

Extra Heavy Tomato Purée 1.07

Bella Rossa® 1.07 Extra Heavy Purée offers the same sweet flavor and silky smooth texture as Bontá® Purée with a slightly thinner consistency (fewer tomato solids).  Bella Rossa® Purée is run through a screening process that removes all the skins and seeds from the purée. Its silky smooth texture and shine are must haves for the savvy chef.
Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce image

Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce

Bella Rossa® Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce starts with the same vine-ripened fresh tomatoes as our Bontá® Pizza Sauce with Basil. We then enrich the flavor of this thick sauce by adding extra virgin olive oil and a unique blend of true Italian spices.
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