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Christina® Prepared Pizza Sauce image

Christina® Prepared Pizza Sauce

Christina® Prepared Pizza Sauce is a part of the Escalon classic line of products and is a super-concentrated, fully prepared pizza sauce with extra virgin olive oil and spices. Extend with ground tomatoes or water for an ideal consistency.
Prime Tomato Strips in Juice image

Prime Tomato Strips in Juice

Bella Rossa® Prime Strips are crafted from vine-ripened fresh tomatoes that are packed immediately after harvest to protect firmness and color. These great-tasting, time-saving tomato strips feature a higher drained weight than whole peeled tomatoes.
Pizza Sauce with Basil image

Pizza Sauce with Basil

Bella Rossa® Pizza Sauce with Basil offers our famous sweet tomato flavor and vivid red tomato color with just a hint of basil, providing a versatile base for you to customize with your favorite combination of herbs and spices.
Pizza Sauce with Basil image

Pizza Sauce with Basil

Extra thick for superior yield with just a hint of basil. Extend with water and add spices or combine with 6 in 1® Ground Tomatoes for a slightly chunky texture.
Pizza Sauce with Basil image

Pizza Sauce with Basil

An authentic Italian Pizza Sauce, made from vine-ripened, fresh tomatoes. Its rich consistency and flavorful tomato taste are a result of Escalon’s proprietary process of using more natural tomato solids with less skin and fewer seeds. The hint of basil and trace of salt are the only other added ingredients, providing a truly classic Italian flavor profile.
Classic Italian Pizza Sauce image

Classic Italian Pizza Sauce

There are different ideas about what makes a perfect pizza, but it’s clear that a great sauce is essential for success.  Allegro™ ready-to-use pizza sauce is a great start to making any pizza delicious. For the traditionalists, our Classic Italian Pizza Sauce combines a true Italian spice profile with a silky smooth texture for a wonderfully versatile pizza sauce.
Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce image

Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce

Bella Rossa® Fully-Prepared Pizza Sauce starts with the same vine-ripened fresh tomatoes as our Bontá® Pizza Sauce with Basil. We then enrich the flavor of this thick sauce by adding extra virgin olive oil and a unique blend of true Italian spices.
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